First Visit

As you arrive for your first appointment you will be met by our reception staff.

  1. At your first visit we will ask you to fill in some paperwork for us. You may have already downloaded our medical form and already filled it in.

  2. If you have a referral please bring that with you.

  3. We may take a photograph of your lovely smile.

  4. Please arrive a little earlier than your appointed time so that we can finalise your paperwork prior to seeing the orthodontist.

When you meet your orthodontist you will have a 30 minute consultation that will involve an initial examination of face , smile, teeth  and jaws followed by a discussion which will outline where your orthodontic journey may proceed from there.

If the time is right for you to move forward with treatment we will schedule further diagnostic information collection that we will then review to create the optimum, unique and appropriate course of treatment tailored to your needs.

If treatment is not needed at the time of your examination but likely necessary in the future then  we will place you on review where you will be seen in future  months or years  This will allow the orthodontist to closely monitor the growth and development of the jaws and the eruption of the teeth so that treatment can be initiated at the right time for each patient.